EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w/ Tom Lounges (NPR Midwest Beat) - Originally Aired 7.17.2020

NPR Midwest Beat (7/17/2020)Exclusive Interview w/ Tom Lounges
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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW & LIVE PERFORMANCE w/ Scott Cronick (WOND) - Originally Aired 7.13.2020

"CALIFORNIA DREAM" ALBUM REVIEW by American Songwriter - Published 6.6.2020

"It’s evident from the first shimmer of piano on the title track of Tom Sless’ uplifting new album, California Dream, that the man’s sensitivity is shining through. Yet, at the same time, it doesn’t take him long to move from low-cast musings to anthemic inspiration..."

"CALIFORNIA DREAM" ALBUM REVIEW by Disciples of Sound - Published 5.21.2020

"LA based singer-songwriter Tom Sless’ debut album, California Dream is starting to develop some grassroots buzz. His talents are interesting in large part because none of them alone are strong enough to grab you and not let go. It’s instead the combination of his songwriting and guitar work that help deliver songs that move from Bakersfield honky tonk to pop rock all with a good degree of ease..."

"CALIFORNIA DREAM" ALBUM REVIEW by Midwest Record - Published 5.8.2020

"It's always a treat to stumble across a singer/songwriter that knows how to make sensitive, personal songs without stooping to bleeding gums music..."

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w/ Danny Coleman (NJArts.com) - Published 4.3.2020

"[Tom] Sless has just released his debut album, California Dream, and although he has left the Garden State, the Garden State has not left him. He cites the coastlines of both states and creative commonality as the reasons..."

"CALIFORNIA DREAM" ALBUM REVIEW by Short and Sweet NYC - Published 3.30.2020

"Six years ago, Jersey Shore-native Tom Sless moved to L.A., playing around the sunny city, honing his songwriting and playing with performing and schooling (and coming out just when this album did), he has now found his California Dream..."

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w/ Marc Berman (Shore Local Live) - Originally Aired 3.20.2020 (39:00)

Shore Local Live (3/20/2020)Exclusive Interview w/ Marc Berman
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